Whether you’re expecting or already have a little one, decorating the nursery is one of the most exciting activities mamas look forward to! When I was pregnant, I loved looking through all the shops, mentally planning everything my little mandu (dumpling in Korean) would need. So, I thought it would be fun to create a nursery wishlist for all you mamas looking to decorate, redecorate, or just looking for some ideas. I remember when I was shopping, I was all over the place. Every mom wants their babies nursery to be cute and perfect, but don’t always have limitless resources to make that happen. If you’re a mama on a budget and looking for some great ideas without breaking the bank, I hope this post helps you!


You’re expecting a baby and need to buy a crib right?  Of course a baby needs have a place to sleep, but before you decide on the which crib to buy, you have to think about which type of bedding system will suit your life style. A crib is great for babies who will be sleeping in them, but from my experience that is not always what happens. Many times of my fellow mommy friends have cribs that are used for storage or as a decorative display pieces. Though the crib is the most traditional choice of bedding, there are different types of beds you can choose from!


If you are looking for a traditional crib with a modern flare, I love the Babyletto Modo 3-in-1 Convertible Crib . Now I know this is not the most budget friendly piece at $279.99, but in my opinion it is worth the splurge. There will be plenty of pieces in the nursery where you can save or go cheap, and trying to cut costs on such a major item where your child will be sleeping everyday should not be one of them. This crib is a 3-in-1 convertible crib, and can turn into a toddler or day bed, which means that the crib can grow with your child! The Babyletto is definitely more of an investment piece, but one that I personally have loved so far! One problem I found when shopping for a crib was that it was very difficult for me to bend over and able to reach inside.If you are a shorter woman, it can be difficult to easily access your little one, so having an adjustable mattress feature is awesome. Another plus for this crib is that it comes with the toddler rail, so you do not need to purchase one separately in the future.


If you want to save money and rather purchase a bassinet style bed first, I would recommend an arm’s reach. When you bring your baby home, a crib can be bit large for a newborn. While many babies don’t seem to mind, some babies do prefer the snugness of a bassinet. Bassinets are smaller than cribs and can offer more comfort and security to a baby. I had an emergency c-section which caused me to be bedridden for weeks. My c-section was not planned and having the Co-sleeper at arm’s reach was extremely helpful for my recovery. Arm’s reach bassinets are called “Arm’s Reach,” because it allows for mommies to reach their baby within arms reach.  This can makes life easier for breastfeeding mamas! In the beginning, your little baby will need to be feed often and having to get up and out of bed can be very stressful and taxing on the body. If you have a c-section, then an arm’s reach bassinet will be very useful! Another great aspect of bassinets are that they offer much more portability than a cribs, for those moments when you need to roll your baby over from the bedroom to another room in the house. The only downside is that you will most likely not be able to use the bassinet for very long. Depending on your babies weight and height, I would say the most you would be able to get out of the bassinet is 6 months. I really enjoyed the Arm’s Reach Bassinet, however if you already have a crib it is not necessity.



Bedding is a major focal point and can really tie a room together. The crib is one of the largest pieces in the nursery, so it’s natural that your eye would gravitate towards the bedding as well. If you’re on a budget, neutral bedding is always the best option. You can always add decorative accent pieces to the nursery to bring it all together. In an age of social media, taking photos of your baby on a neutral back drop is also better for photos. If your crib will be used mostly as a decorative display for a few months until your little one is big enough or you’re able to part ways, you can also always use a patterned Muslim blanket as a crib sheet. It’s light and airy and comes in a wide range of cute patterns. Also, before purchasing any bedding set, make sure to shop around! I always like to look online to see what stores are offering what, in case you find an item you can price match or get discounted. Nowadays almost everywhere price matches, so you can usually find a better deal.


I love aden + anais anything, because it is 100 % Cotton Muslim and just so darn cute! The material is very soft, breathable, and offered in a variety of patterns. My baby uses his both during warmer and cooler nights. When shopping for any bedding, you want to try to buy sheets that are 100% cotton or majority cotton blend. Another great option are sets! This one is a great neutral bedding set you can find at Baby Depot at Burlington  for $105.99 (3 piece bedding set), that can easily be modified for a girl or boys nursery with accent colors, stuffed animals, and other decorative pieces.


You’ll  discover that with a baby, comes a whole bunch of baby stuff! There will be diapers, wipes, baby clothes, stuffed animals, and toys you were gifted, everywhere! The key to not feeling overwhelmed is to stay organized. When your home is more organized, I find that your mind feels a bit more organized and at ease.

I have a smaller place, so organizational bins like these are great! You can use them to put diapers and wipes, because later, every room in your house will need a diaper changing station. My little mandu is now 4 months old and has accumulated many toys. With his stash growing everyday, I find that having bins to put his toys helps me keep his room and living room a little bit more tidy. More importantly, for someone trying to still maintain some sort of aesthetically pleasing living space, bins can help maintain your sanity! Target has tons of bins you can choose from, from cutesy to more neutral bins, for mamas not wanting to baby up the house. Other places you can go to shop are any Homegoods stores, which you can always find a good deal, or Babies R us.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed and I was able help and give you mamas some ideas!



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