Baby Essentials: Top Baby Products Every First Time Mom Needs

Hi mamas! I hope you all had a wonderful week so far! 🙂

I’ve had a few months to test these products out, so wanted to go ahead and  share my top essential baby products every first time mom needs in their life!


I registered for the Fisher Price My Little Lamb Platinum Edition Deluxe Newborn Rock n’ Play Sleeper with Vibration, after reading all the positive reviews. Now there are tons of sleepers out there, but I personally love this one! It is so soft and great for keeping your newborn feeling cozy and warm! I was hesitant at first to use it because you hear about prolonged use leading to SIDS if used at night, but If you watch your baby I don’t think you will be OK. My son absolutely loved this thing, and it saved us on multiple grumpy occasions! There were times when nothing but the Rock n’ Play would help my son nap! My son also had acid reflux and the incline on this sleeper really seemed to help. My husband did not have difficulties assembling this together, and the entire cover is machine washable (as well as the little lamb attachments on the canopy). The material is very soft, which is perfect for a newborns, and also super cute. The canopy is more of for decoration, but my son did like to occasionally stare at the little lambs hanging down. The Rock n’ Play is very portable, if you wanted to travel with it and overall a great sleeper. While there is actually no automatic rock option and only one vibration setting, which is the only downside. There is not ac adapter, however the battery life seemed to work fine for us. On multiple occasions I would forget to turn it off, and the next morning it would still be vibrating. The one vibration setting does work well and is great to help baby relax or fall sleep.


We were  also fortunate enough to be gifted the Fisher-Price Deluxe Newborn Auto Rock n’ Play Sleeper with Smart Connect. Unlike other sleepers, smart connect allows you to turn on and off/customize the Rock n’ Play from your phone, so you don’t have to get up! Since we were gifted this when my was was 4 months old, I cannot speak for how this will do for a newborn, but it is super handy for an infant. The smart connect feature is just what every mother would want! You do everything from your phone, and can customize up to two  preset settings in your phone. This rocker features 2 hands free rocking settings, 3 different vibration strengths, 2 modes for nap time or sleep time, and adjustable sound. The body insert is plush and easy also easy to remove and machine wash. Overall I really like this rock n’ play because it does offer so many different cool features, so you can find just the right combination to soothe your baby. The overall design is very light and portable! For parents who do not want to buy batteries, the sleep also comes with an ac adapter. If you’re looking for a luxury rock n’ play, this bad boy is the one. My husband and I were so surprised at all the cool options, though it may not be all necessary, it’s super nice to have!


If you are able to purchase a swing or are looking for something to put on your registry, I would highly recommend a swing. My favorite is the Fisher Price My Little Snugapuppy Cradle and Swing. Something about the swinging motion with the rotating mirror mobile and music, really helps to soothe babies. This swing worked wonders for my little man! Now there are so many swings on the market and some cuter than others. Though this swing may not be the cutest on the market, it is cute and an overall awesome swing. Even at almost 5 months of age, my son still loves this swing and for the price, It is a steal! Compared to other swings that will run you easily one hundred dollars and up, this swing is less than eighty dollars and works better than some of the more expensive swings I’ve seen. Some of my girlfriends have had other swings, such as the Ingenuity or portable swings, and have told me that is not as well constructed or in general good as the Fisher Price Little Snugapuppy one. We have play dates all the time, so our babies are constantly using each others equipment. The Snugapuppy is a great solid swing. The music quality comes out very clear with adjustable sound settings, offers two swinging motions (side-to-side and head-to-toe), has a rotating mirror mobile above, and has different levels of swing speed. The seat cover is also very soft and machine washable. This does require 4 D batteries, but does come with an ac adapter. Now if you have a small space, I understand that you may want to opt for a portable swing and while not all portable swings are bad quality, in my experience it not the best investment especially if you have a chubby baby. When my baby was a newborn, I did not experience any problems. As he grew and ever so chubby, I was disappointed at how quickly he outgrew it and would often even sink to the floor! The Fisher Price Snugapuppy is an overall solid great swing and one I would highly recommend. 



Now whether or a mom or not, if you have been around children, chances are you have seen the Bumbo before. It is probably one of the top most registered items, that is meant to help encourage your baby to sit. Now manufacturer details will say that this can be used from 1 month and up, but from personal experience, friends experiences, and research, I would not suggest using a Bumbo until your baby is able to hold up his own neck (roughly around 3 months and up). I had this chair and used it for my son’s 100 days celebration and even then it was a struggle. I had to hold him up in it or else he would just topple over. Using the Bumbo actually before a baby is physically able can be bad for them. I remember trying to put him in there because I figure he might like it, and also because I was just so darn excited to see my little man sit, and he did not seem to enjoy it. Using the Bumbo too soon can actually cause incorrect postural alignment. When I attempted to put him in the chair even at 100 days, he had a rounded back and was leaning over completely and would have fallen over if I did not hold him in place. So personally, I would not recommend the Bumbo as your little one’s first baby chair. If your baby does have good neck strength and can support his/her own head (roughly around 4 months), then the bumbo is a nice standard chair.


My son at 100 days using the Bumbo. I was behind him hiding, so he wouldn’t topple over!^^



The chair that I actually prefer over the Bumbo is the Fisher Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat. After researching all the different kinds of baby chairs, I registered for this chair based off of all the positive reviews and am so glad that I did! Compared to the Bumbo, the Sit-Me-Up Floor seat has a high back, which allows your baby to comfortably and securely sit in. At around 3 months, when my son was starting to develop his neck strength, he was able to sit it this chair without toppling over. The chair itself is still quite large, so you will probably need to stuff it with a cloth or blankey. It’s very lightweight, easy to fold, and  very travel friendly. My place is not very large, so I also like the fact that I can fold up the chair and tuck it behind the table or against the wall. The fabric covering the chair is soft and easy to remove and machine washable. The best feature about this chair is hands down the high back, which makes a big difference for baby being able to sit comfortably. When your baby gets a little older and begins to start grabbing things, this chair is also nice because it comes with two linkable toys that they can play/chew on. Overall I highly recommend this chair if you are looking for a chair for your little one. My son still loves sitting in it!


For moms who are too tired to read or just figure it would be the same as the regular bumbo but just slightly modified, please make sure to read this before purchasing this chair. I was gifted this Bumbo chair, but before I read the specifications, just figured that this would be the same as the regular bumbo but with a tray attachment. The Bumbo Multi Seat Tray is for babies 5 months and up, so if you are looking for a first baby chair, this is not the right product. The Bumbo Multi Seat is more of a next step in seating for your baby, and should already mastered sitting in the regular bumbo floor seat.


Now the Mamas & Papas Baby Snug Booster With Tray chair is also one I enjoyed. It looks very similar to the Bumbo Multi Seat with Tray, but can actually be used for babies anywhere from 3-18 months. My girlfriend has this chair and whenever we would have play dates, my little man loved sitting in it. The chair also has a higher back, similar to the Fisher Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat, which allows your baby to comfortably sit in without hunching or falling over. The inside is a bit larger, so you may need to stuff it with a blanket or small towel to help your baby stay in more securely.  The great thing about this chair is that it offers a tray attachment, which is great for attaching baby tray toys to help keep baby stimulated! For parents wanting to save and not have to purchase a high chair later, this chair can also be used to feed your baby. The only con would be that because it does not have straps attachments, this would best be used for floor use only.
With any baby chair, you always want to make sure that your little one can support their own head and has plenty of neck strength!
Thanks for reading! 🙂  If you have any questions, suggestions, or just want to share please let me know!

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